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All-glass systems with protection against environmental influences

Rain, leaves, dirt, snow, or pigeons – Our All-glass systems protect you securely. Barely visible, our systems have no pillars in between ensuring the living space of your terraces, loggias, and balconies are enlarged with an unobstructed view. Indoors, they funtion as room dividers keeping away unpleasant smells and sounds. All-glass systems will seamlessly fit into your existing architectural style retaining the view of your building.

Benefits at a glance :
  • Weather protection: wind, snow, birds - everything Unwanted remains outside
  • Unhindered view due to the absence of pillars
  • Sound insulation ( up to 12 dB) and Energy saving (up to 8% )
  • All year round of Oasis  - longer use of terrace, balcony, or loggia
  • Suitable for any architectural style - modern, historic or rustic
  • Burglarproof - lockable from the inside made ​​of safety glass
All-Glass Folding Units

All-glass Folding Doors

This system offers you the best of an All-glass folding wall and a folding door . They can be easily folded allowing you maximum access to the outside world, using very little space. With an All-glass folding partition you quickly and easily create an additional living room. This totally transparent , stable protective device is suitable for both newly built and existing terraces, balconies and loggias - a simple , subsequent Installation at any time.

The architects offer a variety of design options for the All-glass folding partitions : transparent indoor partitions or an inexpensive and unobtrusive enlargement of the living space outdoors which are both easily deployed.

A major advantage of All-glass  Folding systems : each glass is rotatable inside , allowing  for easy and safe care.

All-Glass Sliding Units

All-Glass Sliding Walls

These systems can be used in many of your spaces - weather patio roofs , cold winter gardens, terraces, cafes and shops are discretely protected with our transparent All- Glass Systems. Equally popular is their use on balconies or as a room divider in the living room area. The lock system is integrated in the frame profile allowing the walls to appear thin and at the same time stable. You can also consider our sunken track rail without a stopper for a barrier-free space.

The All-Glass Sliding door is available from two to five-lane system with door openings up to 13m - a combination for wider areas is possible.

  • Toughened safety glass (ESG ) in 6 , 8 or 10mm thicknesse
  • Easy to use with minimum force
  • Resistant to height differences making it simple to install
  • Fast fine tuning of the individual blades.

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